Contract Documents

Dear Jada and Will*,

The contract documents define our promise to you. This is a promise that we take very seriously. One of our core values is: We do what we say; we walk the talk.

Contract documents include, at a minimum, architectural drawings, engineering drawings, specifications, and the building agreement. Other items may be included, a schedule of values, for example. Also important is what are not construction documents and what do not define our promise - examples include prior conversations and email chains. The key is to capture your vision for the project in the construction documents. It is critically important that you and your design team carefully review the construction documents to make sure that your vision for the project is fully and accurately described.

Custom projects are highly complex, and it sometimes happens that the construction documents do not exactly match your vision of the project. This issue is resolvable with the understanding of our commitment to execute our promise described by the contract documents and a change order that bridges the gap between your vision and the contract documents.

The gap between your vision and the contract documents can happen simply because the item is drawn or specified differently than what you envision. It can also happen because the item is not fully described and detailed. Without a full description of the detail, the execution may be different from what you envision. This is not uncommon and, again, is resolvable. No set of drawings, no matter how thorough and thoughtfully created, is 100% complete and 100% aligns with your vision.

Custom houses are, by definition, unique. They are designed and built for you, your family, the site, and the climate. The process and result are incredibly rewarding because your home or renovation is an original and never been built prior. The design + build process, good communication, and careful review help to close the gap between the project described by the construction documents and your vision for the project.



Randall Lanou
Company Lead


P.S. Marriage is no easy commitment, especially under a media microscope. With open communication and a clear vision, you have mastered a successful relationship. I imagine you know a thing or two about alignment of expectations!

*Full disclosure: not only have we never worked for Jada Pinkett Smith or Will Smith, we've never actually met them. Indeed, I'm not sure we've ever been in the same city at the same time. They seem like fun people, though, and we would be happy to build a home for them. If any of you are close friends with them, we would be grateful for an introduction!