Deep Dive Into Our Process

Building a new home or major renovation is an involved process and the first step towards a successful relationship is getting to know one another and learning about your dreams. Throughout our 21 years of successful design and build collaboration, we have developed strategies to guide you through this process and work to remove worry through teamwork.  We are a truly custom builder and although every project is unique, we'd like to offer insight into what this journey together will look like.

Introductions - Getting to Know You

Our first conversation together will be to review where you are in this journey.  You may already own land and be working with a Designer or you may be wondering what's feasible given the constraints of your existing home.  Perhaps you have already begun discussions with banks to understand the financing opportunities and begun discussions with you families to assess which are your priorities.  Where ever you are in this process, we can provide expertise in the early stages to help align your vision and scope with budgeting and scheduling.


Property Research – Ordinances, Covenants, and Regulations

Once you decide to collaborate with BuildSense, we’ll begin by investigating the local jurisdiction and any HOA or covenants for zoning or environmental limitations.  Depending on where your project is located you may have height limitations, waterway buffers, setbacks, or strict historic preservation requirements.

Your lot may already be cleared for construction and have access to city water and sewer or you may have discovered an undeveloped property and are interested in celebrating and preserving its wild beauty.  Your vision may include landscaped walkways with a pool or it may revolve around low maintenance and durability.  Identifying the unique conditions of your site early in the process allows your team to develop creative solutions that respond to your surroundings and defined building envelope.


Cradle Render

Schematic Design – Program and Massing Ideation

As your design team starts to learn more about you, they'll guide you through an exploration of forms and site relationships.  You may have young children and would like a compact house with an open central space connecting all rooms, or this may be your forever home accessibility to your entire home across a single level.  Your design team will produce a series of initial floor plans responding to what you have shared with us exploring the relationships between room types, landscape features, and solar orientation.  You may have a large dining room table that has hosted your family throughout the holidays or you may have unique artwork with specific lighting and mounting needs.

When we arrive at a building form and orientation that resonates with you, we’ll pause and analyze the design to develop a more detailed budget.  This budget will consider if there are larger glass openings that require deeper beams or steel, if the exterior is more articulated or compact, and the surrounding patios or water features.

Have you already begun to work with an Architect or Designer and would like to receive informed pricing information?  We are happy to partner with you early in the process to evaluate and price drawing sets from other designers. 


Design Development – Selections and Details

As your floor plan evolves to a more concrete design, the exciting work begins. We’ll help you begin to navigate the world of materials, finishes, and fixtures as well as which decisions need to be made sooner and affect other systems. Our dedicated Selections Coordinator will provide structure to the many decisions that will be made during the custom house design process.  You may have a preferred appliance brand and are unsure of what cabinetry lines it is compatible with or you may be interested in exploring flooring option for durability in high traffic areas and for four legged friends.

As decisions are made we'll continue to refine the budget and provide early feedback to inform further decisions.  At this point we also begin to identify materials or manufacturing processes with long lead times that require early scheduling considerations.

Feierstein20 Plan 21 02 03

Construction Documents and Specifications

As we begin to approach the construction start, your team will enter into a phase of collaboration with other designers (landscape, septic, acoustical, etc.), trade partners, distributors, and jurisdictional inspectors.  The selections that you have made will begin to be integrated into the drawings and custom details developed for your unique home.  We will review the drawings to determine how the mechanical, plumbing, electrical and structural systems will interact and begin to form your vision.

This collaborative effort results in the production of drawings as well as specifications.  Your drawings will show where items will be located and the written specifications will describe the appropriate materials for each condition as well as the standards used to assemble each component.  This detailed set will allow our trade partners to provide detailed, fixed pricing.

We'll then work with you to confirm that the complete package meets all of your expectations and accurately reflects your vision.  With the final set stamped and ready to go, we will begin the permitting process as you concurrently wrap up your preferred method of financing.

Gantt Schedule

Schedule – Aggressive but Realistic

Prior to starting construction, we developed a detailed schedule listing each phase of work and when it will take place. We gather our research on product availability, fabrication times, and sequence dependencies to ensure that all construction partners working on your project know what the milestones are and what we need to plan ahead for.

Our front loaded planning allows us to hit the ground running at the start of construction.  We understand how important it is to keep out contractual promise so that you can move into your delightful and healthy home.

Are you planning a major home renovation or addition?  Depending on the scale of intensity of your project, you may want to consider seeking an alternative residence.  Our schedule can help you understand when your project will start and when your home will be complete.


Construction Administration – Quality Control and Communication

Our commitment to an on-time project means that we are regularly reviewing the work occurring on the job site and discussing with our trade partners to make sure that all systems are coordinated.  In addition to providing daily supervision at your project, our team will meet with you regularly to review any concealed conditions that may have been discovered, the upcoming schedule, and discuss outstanding decisions that need to be made.

With over 20 years of construction experience, we've learned that regular communication keeps all team members on the same page moving forward.  There are many moving pieces during construction and it is important to us that our clients value and understand each step of the process.

Inspections and Certifications - We Have Our Homework Checked

We certify every new home that we build to the National Green Building Standard and ENERGY STAR.  With the National Green Building Standard being one of the most comprehensive certification available, we have partnered with a third party certifiers who review specifications and regularly visit our job site to confirm materials and applications.  This wholistic certification takes into account everything from property location to building orientation to material selections to construction waste management.

Are you ready to brag to your friends about your low your energy bills?

Horseshoe Fram

Project Closeout and Warranty

Once your dream home is complete, we continue to work with you to make sure that you know how to properly use all the systems in your home.   We will create a detailed Homeowner's Manual with instructions for you to reference, a reminder of when each system should be checked, and all the product guides for all the fixtures and appliances throughout your home.

Eleven months after your project is complete, our team will reach out to schedule a time to review any warranty items that have appeared and create an action plan to resolve them.  We are committed to being your partner to the very end.