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Q: What is BuildSense?

A: BuildSense is a client-focused team dedicated to offering the best possible value to clients in a seamless process that combines design and construction. Whether you choose to work with a member of the BuildSense Architecture team or with an independent designer partner, our design-build team and process deliver creative and thoughtful projects on time and on budget. The BuildSense team is comprised of an independent general contracting company (BuildSense, Inc) and an independent architecture firm (BuildSense Architecture, PC) working together at our office and shop in Durham, North Carolina.

Q: What type of projects do you build?

A: BuildSense specializes in single family homes and major residential renovations and additions. BuildSense projects from residential to commercial to historic preservation in traditional to modern styles have earned recognitions and awards from respected organizations both inside and outside the fields of design and construction.

Q: I want to build a custom home or commercial project. What is the process to make that happen?

A: Listen. Plan. Design. Build. We listen to your needs. We plan your project based on your ideas, budget, program, site, and other critical parameters. We work with you through a thoughtful design process to develop your project. We build your project on a detailed schedule that allows us to deliver projects on time and on budget. Finally, we follow up with service after the project is complete.

Q: What are the costs involved for a custom build project?

A: Project costs may include, but are not limited to: land purchase, site planning, architectural and landscape design, engineering, site improvements, building renovation or construction and special systems (e.g. rainwater harvesting, clean energy generation, swimming pool or spa) as well as related soft costs (e.g. temporary lodging, storage, moving).

Q: What does Design-Build mean?

A: Design-Build means the team that designs your project is the team that builds your project. When all members of the project team (owner, designer, builder) participate in project planning, development, and construction, the likelihood of achieving the best results for the owner increases dramatically. Hallmarks of the design-build process include a single source of project responsibility; early analysis of preliminary construction cost estimates (when most useful for owner decision-making) and fully realizing the project design intent.

Q: Where does BuildSense provide design/build services?

A: BuildSense targets projects within a one-hour drive from downtown Durham, North Carolina. Our service area includes Durham, Orange, Chatham, Wake, Person, and Granville Counties in North Carolina.

Q: How much do your projects cost?

A: Our customers tend to choose BuildSense because they desire the best in building and design, aesthetics, building systems and comfort, healthy environments, and quality of construction and finish. Custom homes cost more than homes designed and built to the for-sale market. There is a huge range of cost based on client choices of project size, style, building systems, building configuration (single story, two story), finishes and options, as well as site conditions, location, and current material and labor costs. Our goal is to work with you to develop the home that addresses as many of your priorities as possible within your budget. For all projects, we are happy to provide more specific preliminary budgets based on more information about you, your building site and the project.

Top Reasons BuildSense Will Be Perfect For
Your New Home Design/Construction Project

Customer focused planning and construction process

Listen. Plan. Design. Build

Quality construction through experience

Over thirty years of service to Triangle families has built a superior reputation in the communities where we work and earned broad respect from our partners in the trades.


Supporting the best custom home results by organizing to accommodate changes during construction with minimum disruption, often at no additional cost.

Active participation in design

Broad experience with a wide range of residential construction and renovation project types allows us to offer valuable input during project planning to assure best value in the final design.

On time and on budget delivery

97% project completion and delivery on schedule over the past eight years. Detailed and timely tracking of costs and allowances is built into our system to keep our clients current.

Support after project completion

Long view of doing business in the community results in planning and executing prompt and thorough warranty response. Individualized digital owner manual furnished with every project to facilitate maintenance and repairs for current and future owners of the property.