Maintenance Contracts

Dear Amy and Chris*,

There are few if any systems in your home that you can install and start and forget about - and still get the performance that you reasonably expect. We recommend that you engage our heating and cooling trade partner to maintain your system so if functions well and efficiently for years to come. Heating and cooling system warranty calls or just requests for support from our clients are usually solved by regular maintenance. What follows is a list of additional maintenance contracts that we recommend.
  • Pest control
  • Pool and spa
  • Whole house water filtration system
  • Security
  • Landscape
  • Generator¬†
Maintenance and cleaning, inside and out, can eliminate long term damage or performance issues. Keeping your gutters clean and downspout drains clear is a good example. Basement or crawl space water issues usually relate to uncontrolled surface water from rain events. Window or cladding damage often relates to uncontrolled roof runoff.

Maintaining your natural flooring (wood or cork) is a good interior example. Using manufacturer recommended cleaners and keeping your interior environment within a reasonable temperature and humidity range is critical for long term flooring performance.

If you are building a new home or major renovation with BuildSense, you will receive a Home Owners' Manual with a suggested maintenance checklist in addition to maintenance contracts from those we recommend.



Randall Lanou
Company Lead


P.S. Amy, I have occasionally been criticized for being too direct and I am certain that you would not do so. One of my favorite things about you is that you say it unvarnished!

*Full disclosure
: not only have we never worked for Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer, we've never actually met them. Indeed, I'm not sure we've ever been in the same city at the same time. They seem like fun people, though, and we would be happy to build a home for them. If any of you are close friends with them, we would be grateful for an introduction!