BuildSense fosters delightful, healthy, and sustainable living.

Our clients’ unique projects have healthy, comfortable, and luxurious indoor environments. Our clients’ projects are well-lit, well-ventilated, well-conditioned, and are built without toxic materials.

We certify every new home that we build to the National Green Building Standard and ENERGY STAR. Our homework gets graded! This third-party certification gives an extra level of assurance to our clients that they have a well-built house that is healthy and conserves resources.

Some folks think that conservation is diametrically opposed to luxury and comfort, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although our process and projects do not needlessly waste energy, water, and other resources, our clients enjoy draft-free, beautiful, and comfortable spaces to live, work, and play.

Building science is an evolving field and we work to stay current on building best practices. Thankfully, we don't build them like they used to! We build them better.

Our Values

  • Do what we say

  • Embrace and Drive Change

  • Seek and Solve Creatively

  • Set and Meet Aggressive

  • Practice Community and 
 Environmental Stewardship


Our Core Process


Understanding and respecting clients’ wants and needs forms a strong foundation for successful relationships and projects.


We provide project schedule and financial information early when that information is useful to our clients for informed decision-making. We work for clarity and specificity in design, engineering, systems, components, details, regulatory parameters, selections, and finishes before we start construction.


Whether in collaboration with a partner architect (about 60% of our work) or with our independent architecture firm (about 40% of our work), we deliver projects thoughtfully designed specifically for our clients' preferences and parameters, their site, and the climate.


Our team of experienced professionals builds your extraordinary project well, on-time, and on-budget.